Get the ultimate clean in less time with DuraLoc™ tools

Sysco’s Cutting Edge Solutions (CES) provide new and exclusive products to help you refresh your menu, drive repeat business and streamline back-of-house operations. DuraLoc™ Cleaning Tools are featured as one of the new Cutting Edge Solutions.

September 20, 2017

DuraLoc Benefits

  • DuraLoc tools give you the ultimate clean in less time
  • Improves employee and guest safety with improved traction
  • Extremely durable products revolutionize the way you clean floors
  • Reduces costs by only replacing worn parts such as mop heads and squeegees
  • Removes a step in the cleaning process using the Big Dipper to apply floor cleaner
  • Dual-cavity mop bucket separates dirty water from clean
  • Snap-in storage system keeps tools organized and allows mops to dry faster
  • National Floor Safety Institute Certified.

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