Keystone High Temp Grill Cleaner

From grease to gone in 60 seconds. Eliminate grill downtime with this no-rinse formula available in waste-free 3.6 oz. packets.

  • SUPC Number: 7681477
  • Ecolab PIC: 6100056
  • GTIN Number: 10025469610567

Keystone Express Fryer Cleaner: Make deep fryer cleaning simpler, safer and faster for your customers and their employees.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Cleans grills while hot from 325° - 425° F

Eliminates grill downtime

Strips grease build-up in just 60 seconds

Packets reduce over-use

No rinse needed. All ingredients have clearance for incidental food contact.


Flat-top grills

Effective Against/On:


Baked-on carbon

How To Use
  1. Turn off grill. Empty grease troughs and pans. Remove any loosened burnt soils using a grill scraper.
  2. While grill is still hot (325°F to 475°F / 163°C to 246°C) spread a thin coating of Keystone High Temp Grill Cleaner over the entire grill surface. Do not scrub while applying the grill cleaner.
  3. After allowing the grill cleaner to soak for about 1 minute, gently scrub the grill surface using the grill polisher and pad. For stubborn stains, apply additional Keystone High Temp Grill Cleaner and lightly scrub until all soil has been liquefied.
  4. Squeegee the cleaning solution and soil off the grill and into the grease trough/pan, then wipe the remaining soil off with a damp cloth.
  5. Re-season grill by applying a thin coating of fresh shortening or oil to the grill surface.
  6. Spray grease trough/pan with Greasestrip Plus degreaser, allow to penetrate the soil for 5 minutes. Clean and remove the soil with soaking and scrubbing. Wash in 3-comp sink using Keystone Apex Manual Detergent or other Ecolab detergent solution and hot water. Return the clean trough/pan to the grill.
  7. Spray Greasestrip Plus degreaser on other exterior grease buildup (such as sides and front of grill) and allow to penetrate the soil for 5 minutes. Do not allow product to dry on surface, so adjust the penetration time as needed.
  8. Wipe the grease off with a non-scratch pad or cloth.

Additional Notes:

  • Flat-Top Grill must be hot when cleaning – always wear protective equipment.
  • Applying cold water or large amounts of water can severely damage the grill.

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