Protecting your Margins & Winning the Labor Game

Costs that are harder to control—ingredients, labor and rent/real estate—keep climbing. Where can you bolster your bottom line without hurting your guest experience?

September 07, 2018

Even amidst a “foodie revolution” that’s driving a nationwide restaurant boom, operating costs are now outpacing revenue growth. The cost of food, labor and real estate continue to rise, cutting into the typical restaurant’s 3-percent profit margin.

Half of all restaurant operators now say labor costs are their biggest growth barrier—and payroll costs are forecasted to grow as much as four percent in 2018. Smart restaurant owners are finding simple ways to eliminate hidden labor costs and boost labor efficiency to gain a valuable edge.

The answer isn’t as simple as increasing prices. Restaurants need to find creative ways to trim costs—but these cuts can’t cut the customer experience.

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