Keystone Quick 6

Solve Common Customer Problem with the Keystone Quick 6.

April 16, 2018

Solve Common Customer Problem with the Keystone Quick 6

#1: Doors, Mirrors and Handles

The Problem: Greasy feeling on door handle, fingerprints on glass

The Solution: Keystone Peroxide Disinfectant & Glass Cleaner and Keystone Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant

#2: Floors and Tables (Learn More)

The Problem: Greasy or sticky table and greasy feeling on floor

The Solution: Keystone Vigoroso Lavender Multi-Surface Cleaner and Keystone Orange Multi-Surface Cleaner

#3: Restroom Sinks and Fixtures (Learn More)

The Problem: Soils, stains and mold

The Solution: Keystone Liquid Bleach Cleaner

#4: Kitchen Floors (Learn More)

The Problem: Greasy, dirty, slippery floors and dirty black grout

The Solution: Keystone Floor Cleaner RTU

#5: Hoods and Equipment (Learn More)

The Problem: Greasy hoods and ovens

The Solution: Keystone Greaselift

#6: 3-Compartment Sinks (Learn More)

The Problem: No suds and dirty wash water

The Solution: Keystone Pot and Pan Detergent and Keystone Liquid Pot and Pan Detergent


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