Are You Ready for Kickoff?

As restaurants set their promotions and prepare their staff for football season, help them serve great tasting food with Keystone Fryer Cleaner and get clean glasses with the Keystone Bar Program.

August 25, 2017

Are You Ready for Kickoff?

The quality of your customer’s fried food can be significantly impacted by their fryer oil. Dirty oil makes food look bad and taste bitter. Have them clean their fryer before changing their oil, because the dirtier the fryer, the faster they’ll ruin their good oil. Keystone Fryer Cleaner is the perfect solution to remove baked-on carbon and grease quickly and easily.

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Help your customer’s guests celebrate a touchdown with delicious beverages served in spotless glassware. Beverage quality can suffer and noticeable chemical residue can appear when using detergents not specifically made for manual bar glass washing. Keystone has your back with the Keystone Bar Program offering both dispensed or manual solutions. These solutions easily remove food soils, glassware haze and even lipstick stains leading to a victory for your customer.

Keystone Dispensed Bar Program Sell Sheet
(1.12 MB PDF)


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